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Because when homophobia strikes...

...we'll be there to save you

HeteroPhobe Cult
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Welcome to the HeteroPhobe Cult. As a note - this is not a dating community... so please no "does anyone live in Ukiah and want to meet up" - unless your name is Davey Havok and you do in fact live in Ukiah California - go find somewhere else to hook up.
Ok... so now - about the HeteroPhobe Cult - if homophobia can exist freely in the world then why can't heterphobia...? This is a community in order to (jokingly) promote this :)

When joining - let us know a bit about yourself ... here are some things you might want to include in your intro but aren't 100% required.... you be the judge of how much you want to let us know :D

Sexual preference:
Place of Residence:
What makes you special:
Let us know why you chose to join the community:

Remember kids - we love LJ cuts :)

Ok.. so we've got the intro in our pants... some rules for yo asses.

[x] this is, if we havent mentioned it enough, not a dating comunity. feel free to pick up members, but not on our watch!
[x] no bashing people or their opinions and choices, wheither they be members or not.. and have at least some respect for each other.
[x] post whatever you want, but keep it in god taste. if it's a long entry and/or may be triggering to some, LJ Cut it.
[x] no offensive material.. post your kiddie porn someplace else.
[x] tell us how you are. post about your day, the sad state of the world, whatever.
[x] music ramble is especially welcome!

Gwen - aka javeyphile
AIM - javephile
MSN - cookie_monster41@hotmail.com

*is a loser without a nice picture to post*
Kate -

Ok - so remember to spread the love... save this
and post it in your own journal and communities!

Marriage is love.

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